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Created during an internship at a Singapore based company, Matter Prints, this series celebrates the flags of the F1 Grand Prix through the colours and common motifs found in F1 flags.

Working with woodblock printing artisans in India, the project was conceptualised in Singapore and executed by craftsmen in India. The series was showcased in the Temasek Suite, during F1 Grand Prix 2017.

Working with artisans in India that specialise in woodblock printing, it was important that our approach in weaving in modern narratives was respectful to this beautiful and traditional craft. This is a voluntary internship influenced by my interests for textiles, fashion and craft.


F1 Race Track -Image Courtesy to F1
F1 Flags - Image Courtesy to Red Bull Racing


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"Making Digitally"

As the first project handed to me when I just joined the internship, the learning curve was steep. Being an established brand, it was important to balance the brand identity, while attempting to re-interpret the flags, and taking the wood-block print craft into consideration.

just a small portion of the numerous iterations - actually filled 3 or 4 AI files with artboards with the exploration before arriving at the final ones

The craft of woodblock printing is labour intensive, with the craftsman first carving out the blocks, then dyeing the textiles, before finally printing using the blocks. With each piece measuring 160 x 120cm, these prints are the largest scaled works Matter Prints has ever done.

In consideration of the making process of the craft, the intrepretation of F1 Race track was done intentionally with few and minimal geometric motifs that could be easily made and printed.

Narrowing Directions

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Of the 10 Flags, 4 had graphics and/or were multi-coloured. The visual interpretation of these 4 were designed with the intention of using as many geometric motifs found in the race track prints for the ease of fabrication, while retaining the identity of the original flags.

Upon completion of the pieces to represent the flags with graphical elements, the tracks were revisited. In addition to incorporating the colours of the flags, geometic shapes of solid colour block that were used in the graphical flags pieces were also included in the race track panels to bring the overall visual experience together

Iterations & Refinements

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Final Outcome