Ventur x Zephyr

Ventur x Zephyr
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The Language of Scent - An Olfactory to Visual Translation

The perfume bottle design, is often the first point of contact in a retail store. Through the study of scent profiles, visual forms of perfume bottles are designed to reimagine the first encounter with these fragrances. Additionally, each team is tasked to design two scents with the outcomes representing the relationship between the two.

Scents rely on our olfactory senses, yet our first impressions with these fragrances are often made via visual and tactile cues of its carrier in stores. To design a new experience through the bottles of the fragrances, it is important to thoroughly understand the product to ensure the design language established is representative of the scent.

A collective of images to can help to facilitate the process of transiting from an olfactory experience to a visual one.


Lexicons and Visual Library

When it comes to scents, there are a few generic terminologies used to describe scents (sweet, fresh, spicy...) To expand the vocabulary of words and visuals that better embodied the persona of the scents better, several approaches were taken (eg. personify/objectify/reimagine the scent as a place/activity). A collective of images can help to facilitate the process of transiting from an olfactory experience to a visual one. This collective was built and refined with time as we studied the relationship between the two scents. Through that, there was a clear direction with the visual identity or “branding” that the scents possessed.

Ventur (with hint of ginger) - layered with many facades
Zephyr - a strong scent that fades to a soft powdery note

Comparing the visual collectives to identify the likeness and differences of the two scents helped to converge our perspectives on how we might present the scents as a pair or as a “brand”.


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Narrowing Directions

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Diagrams & Relationship

Bringing the imagination back to an more "abstract" phase after using visual aids, diagrams and charts as such were developed. Much rigor was given to this exercise - each word was chosen with great specificity as with each colour to represent the mood, tone, and semantics of the fragrances.

Iterations & Refinements

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Final Outcome