monologue #2

one fire at a time

one fire at a fire at a of my most recited mantras and possibly the one that got me through my design education (and up till now). P A N I C  is an old friend. it's easy to spiral as we get caught up in the madness of deadlines. Or worse still, creative blocks near deadlines. sometimes, it seems easier if we just gave up and moved on to another project - one with a greater potential for us to do well and getting good grades.

but really, the fire's not going away if no one even bothers trying to put it out. the least we could do is try... with consistent effort, who knows, we might be able to put out the fire after all?

it's not about being microscopic to zoom into a small aspect of the problem. hence, a gentle reminder to self: to not let our guards down and stay aware of the surrounding fire. it's important to keep the big picture in mind. it's very similar to "baby steps", but takes panic and time into consideration. panic usually sets in because of time limitations, and we've got to act fast just like we do in a fire. and that's probably why this stuck around for a really long time.


*behind the monologues: i monologue a lot, most of it gibberish. in an attempt to work on my communication and reflection skills, i'm documenting some of them here.