monologue #5

design process // decluttering

yes it gets real messy during the process of design. going into a new topic (or even an old topic) never seems to get easier. the process is laborious, tedious and overwhelming.

but really, this design process isn't too different from the process of decluttering.

in the beginning, as we unpack our storage with our hoarded stash (guilty as charged), it often gets messier than where we've started. through the process, we rediscover lost treasures, rekindle our love for them - sometimes we don't even recall why we bought them. should I throw this? oh but its nice? should I keep it? eventually, we toss some out, find use for some, and organise the rest. if done well, we emerge with a organised and conducive environment. even if it's not done well, it has surely been an improvement from its previous state.

and that's how it is with design process.  it's okay to be messy. it's okay to panic for a split moment. it's okay if we can't decide if a piece of information is useful or not. I'm hopeful that the process will surely be, in someway or another, one of (re)discovery.


*behind the monologues: i monologue a lot, most of it gibberish. in an attempt to work on my communication and reflection skills, i'm documenting some of them here.